Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh Boy!

I'm officially a mommy. It's still sinking in and I'm loving it.

On August 13th at 12:23 am, Kris and I welcomed a beautiful 7 pound, 1 ounce baby boy into the world.

Meet Owen Daniel LeRoy:

Hat too big = cone-looking head

He is a week old today and I already feel like he's growing too fast. He is a perfect baby. The only times we hear him cry is when he's hungry or when his diaper is being changed. It seems like he is sleeping around the clock but he doesn't appear to have his days and nights mixed up. He will usually give us a good 4-5 hour stretch at night before waking up for a feeding. We put him in his cradle between 10 and 11 each night and then he will usually wake up once in the middle of the night and then again anywhere between 6 and 8. The interrupted sleep has been a little hard to get used to, but I know we're very fortunate to have a baby that will let us sleep as much as Owen is letting us sleep so far. I also know anything can change when it comes to babies, so I keep reminding myself that this may not last long.

The moment I laid eyes on this sweet baby, I was overcome with emotion. Even now when I look at him, I can't believe he was growing inside of me for 9 months. It was always hard to imagine him being here but now that he is here, I don't know how I got through the days without him. He has stolen our hearts and we are so thankful that God chose us to raise him. We are the luckiest parents.

 The Monday after Owen was born (the 15th), we had to take him to the doctor for the first time. The pediatrician on call while we were in the hospital wanted us to take him in for a weight check and to have his bilirubin checked. When we saw our pediatrician, she said his color looked great and that she didn't want to have him pricked that day. He had lost weight since his birth (6 pounds, 11 ounces) and she wanted us to come back on Thursday (the 18th) for another weight check. She said if he started to look yellow by then, they would prick him but that he didn't seem to have any issues with jaundice at all. I know lots of babies go through this and I had pretty much expected to have to deal with it, but I'm so happy that it wasn't an issue for Owen.

I'm so in love with this baby boy.

Oh, and when we went back to the doctor on the 18th for his weight check, he was back up over his birth weight! He weighed in at 7 pounds, 2.5 ounces. I was just hoping for some weight gain. I wasn't expecting him to be over his birth weight in just 3 days. It confirmed that he is getting everything he needs from my milk, which is a good feeling because it's so hard to tell how much exactly he is getting. I guess he would let me know if he wasn't getting enough though. :)

And the verdict is still out on the color of his eyes. In some light I can see a hint of blue and then in other light I see more of a brown tint. I think they will end up being brown like mine, but I have no problem with them being blue like his daddy's either. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :)

I'm a sucker for baby feet and I can't get enough of these.
That's pretty much the latest in our lives right now. The first week of motherhood has been emotional, wonderful, amazing, perfect. I wish I could freeze time, but I'm so looking forward to this crazy adventure and raising this baby with my best friend. 

We are so blessed.